Aggies Drop Three Against #3 Florida

The Aggies faced their toughest trial of the entire season this past weekend. Florida was just coming off two losses to Kentucky, and A&M had just defeated Houston. We had the momentum, but were coming into Florida’s home field – and Florida had a chip on their shoulder.

In the first game of the trio, Florida had gained a 7-0 lead. The Aggies tried to rally a valiant comeback in the ninth, gaining ground from 7-1 to 7-4, but in the end, came up short.

Game two of the series was on Saturday. The game began like 22 others this year, with the Aggies drawing first blood. At the end of the Aggies first at bat, the score was 2-0. However, the Gators responded with three runs of their own in their next at bat. The Gators never looked back, adding another run on the next at bat, and more following. The final tally was Gators 7 to the Aggies 2.

The Aggies came prepared for battle for game three on Sunday. The Gators scored first at the bottom of the first inning, leaving A&M down by 2, but the Aggies responded accordingly in the third inning, leading 4-2 at the end of it. The lead change was the first of five during the epic toss-down. When it was all over, the Aggies had walked eight – four by Hendrix in 2.2 innings and Florida walked away with a 10-7 win.

After a day off, the Aggies return to Houston to take on the Rice Owls on Tuesday.

We’re Number 1

In a fashion reminiscent of last year, the Aggies baseball team is crushing opposing teams to the tune of 21-3. Last year about this time the Aggies had hit number 1 in some of the traditional polls with a record of 27-2. Naysayers are boo-hooing the Aggies recent success, citing last year’s gangbusters beginning which ended with the team failing to pass super- regionals.

This year’s team is a very different organism that last year’s, so we’re giving them the benefit of the doubt, and have high hopes for the young team.

So far this season, wins against rivals include LSU, University of Texas and Fresno State. This coming Friday is the squad’s next big test. The Aggies go on the road for a three game series against #2 ranked Florida in Gainesville. Florida is reeling from a pair of losses from unranked Kentucky, which made way for the Aggies to claim their previous #1 spot.

Aggies Defeat the Ranked Houston Cougars

For the short drive to Houston, the Aggies put another win under their belt. The #25 ranked team in the NCAA was no match for the newly crowned #1 team, Texas A&M. The win was especially sweet because a loss to Houston last season was the last mid-week loss registered by the Maroon and White. A&M came home with a 7-2 win over the Cougars.

The Aggies opened up with a bang, scoring four in the first inning. Sealing the deal was a solo shot from J.B. Moss, and a score by Nick Banks in the eighth inning. Banks had hit a two-bagger, then while stealing third base, the throw from the catcher went awry. Banks capitalized on the mistake, and reached home safely for the 7th and final run for the Aggies.

This game in Houston starts a 5-game streak of away games. A win in Houston keeps the momentum going, which is particularly important now because the next three games are against the current #2 team in the country, Florida. These next three games will undoubtedly be the biggest test the team will have all season. Coincidentally, the 5 away games end back in Houston, where the Aggies take on the Rice Owls.

On an unrrelated note, one of our reporting staff who was traveling to Houston with the team, dropped his phone as he departed from the bus, shattering the screen. Since he uses his phone heavily during his reporting, he was panicking, afraid that he might have to resort to pen and paper (imagine that, a reporter using a pen and paper). Luckily, cell phone repair Houston came out to Schroeder Park and fixed his cracked screen right there in the parking lot. This article was made possible by the quick service provided, and we just wanted to say thank you!

The Man, The Myth, The Legend – Rob Childress

aggie childressAlthough A&M has a long history of great baseball teams, we have to give kudos when they are deserved. And so we give kudos to the Aggies current head coach Rob Childress. As Childress begins his 11th season as head coach, we take notice that he has coached the team to nine consecutive NCAA Championship appearances, not to mention four NCAA regional titles and a world series win.

Childress is recognized as one of the nation’s top pitching coaches and recruiters. His influence is noticeable over the years of his tenure. The team’s pitching staff ended the season with a 3.04 ERA (22nd) which is impressive considering that the team lost two of its starters for most of the season. Furthermore, in the seven seasons with the Big 12, the Aggie pitchers’ ranked first or second in the Big 12 for ERA.

His expertise in coaching pitchers extends back to his time overseeing the pitching staff at Nebraska. His pitchers hurled single season strikeout records for Nebraska five times.

We’re glad to have such a talented and experienced coach at the helm. We’re hopeful for a long-lasting and fruitful tenure as head coach.

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